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Lifetime Access to Fast Cash Coaching & The Millionaire Maker Marketplace

Instant access to event online portal

Instant access to our Marketplace Online Course so you can start to prepare for the event. Inside you'll find; Training videos, downloads, access to eBooks and so much more! 

Fast Cash Coaching Calls

Instant access to weekly Fast Cash Coaching Calls. These calls occur three times a week and will help you with digital marketing strategies, sales training, database tools, funnel training and so much more! 

A MBA that isn't taught in traditional education

You'll receive thousands of dollars worth in financial education. When most individuals get an MBA [massive bad attitude] we help you get an MBA [massive bank account]! 

Complete Coaching Coverage

Not only will coaches be standing by to help you during the Marketplaces, but you also have coaching help throughout the weeks leading up to the events!

Learn the basics of wealth building 

You will learn to make money fast [while you're at the event LIVE], and learn money managment techniques. You will learn the basics of wealth building including specific strategies from your skills, your business and your lazy assets [assets that are sitting and not making you any money].