How much does your average lead cost?

Graduate Money-Making Marketplace 

UPDATE: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

12:00 PM PST - 4:00 PM PST

The hardest part of marketing is getting a buyer. 

You see, if you had a choice to get any lead, you would want a lead who has purchased from you versus someone who hasn't. 

A buyer is someone who has trust in you and is highly likely to purchase from you again. 

Your marketing needs to focus on creating buyer leads. 

That's why I have decided to create an event for just the inner circle of my community that only allows buyers to attend ... 

This means these attendees are the right person FOR ANYONE attending this event. 

So if you haven't heard yet ... 

We are activating our very first Money Monday Marketplace that is JUST FOR VMM [Virtual Meetup & Marketplace] GRADUATES! 

The Money Monday Marketplace is the next step to the Virtual Meetup & Marketplace and will be dedicated entirely to your products and services. 

That's right - we are creating an easy sales button just for you. 

We want to support the Virtual Meetup & Marketplace community and help you make more money! 

Join us for our very first Money Monday Marketplace!

Graduate Money-Making Marketplace
  • Open Marketplace where you can 'Ask-Tell-Ask' with everyone!

  • Sharing capabilities turned ON so you can copy from the chat.

  • IWS coaches standing by.

  • Extended Marketplace Hours.

This brand new event allows you to connect with everyone in an unrestricted marketplace. 

It focuses on helping you make news sales and connections with previous Virtual Meetup & Marketplace attendees.