Graduate Money-Making Marketplace 

THURsday, AUGUST 27th, 2020

12:00 PM PST - 4:00 PM PST
  • Open Marketplace where you can 'Ask-Tell-Ask' with everyone!

  • Sharing capabilities turned ON so you can copy from the chat.

  • IWS coaches standing by.

  • Extended Marketplace Hours.

Use these codes at checkout for a bonus!

MMM-REAL & get free access to the Real Estate As Leverage course (valued at $797) 


MMM-LEAD & get free access to the Building, Leading and Protecting Your Business course ($197)

The Graduate Money-Making Marketplace is the next step to the Virtual Meetup & Marketplace and is dedicated entirely to your products and services. 

Imagine a place where you and hundreds of other business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and other community members all come together and connect for the purposes of growing their businesses together!

That's right - we've created an easy sales event just for our community members!  

The Graduate Money-Making Marketplace is JUST FOR VMM [Virtual Meetup & Marketplace] GRADUATES because we want to support the community and to help you continue to make more money! 

You participate in the next marketplace by purchasing your tickets above.

Why should I attend the marketplace?

This event allows you to connect with all attendees in an unrestricted marketplace; this means you can connect with any and all attendees to do Ask Tell Ask sessions. 

It focuses on helping you make news sales and connections with previous Virtual Meetup & Marketplace attendees, and letting you grow your database with potential clients and customers.

As an attendee, you will have the ability to make fast cash, new connections, and get some of the best leads available to ANYONE!

Why should I attend this month?

As a special add on for the this month's Graduate Money-Making Marketplace, Loral will host a special free sales training for 45 minutes prior to the marketplace.

Learn directly from Loral herself as she teaches advanced sales techniques and how you can apply them to convert more of your prospects to clients.

Then join the Marketplace to put the training into practice!

Register for the free training only by filling out the form below; while you will be able to learn from Loral you will still need to purchase your marketplace ticket to attend and sell to the attendees from the community!