Re-Up Coaching Special $2,497

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  • 6 Coaching Sessions

  • 2 BONUS Sessions for Pay In Full (Total of 8 Sessions)

  • Applies To All Coaching Clients In Programs Below

Applicable to: 100K Challenge, The Big Table, Wealth Acceleration Coaching, Business Acceleration Coaching, Publishing Acceleration Coaching, VIP Legacy & VIP Money Makeover.

Why Re-Up Your Coaching?

Having a coach is essential for any person that want's to achieve more than they would normally. Coaching helps you accelerate progress through greater focus and awareness of the things you don't, won't or can't see in your own self or business.

This is human nature. Even the best coaches, yes even me, maintains a coach or several coaches. All CEO's and high level successful people maintain coaching in many areas of their life. and business. Studies show that 30% of all people find coaching a valuable part of their business while 70% find coaching VERY VALUABLE.

Coaching provides value through Pattern Interruption, Conscious Goal Commitment, Clarity, Experience, Drilling Down of Big Goals, Real-Time Feedback and most of all Accountability.

Loral Langemeier

Bestselling Author, Speaker, Coach