June 10 - 12, 2020 - ONLINE LIVE STREAM EVENT!

Millionaires in Training: Virtual Meetup & Marketplace


3 Days to Act, Think & Make Money the way the WEALTHY do!

This is the only ONLINE EVENT of its kind. Attend this 3-day online workshop where not only will you learn from financial and business experts how to make money, but also put what you learn into action and make money in our virtual marketplace at the event!

Why You Can't Miss This Workshop

  • You will learn to make money fast (while you’re at the event!), and learn money management techniques from Loral and her team of financial experts on how to build multi-million-dollar wealth.

  • Discover the power of an integrated team. Most of the people doing your taxes, estate, trust, insurance, marketing, sales, real estate, etc… never actually talk to each other. On your behalf, or regarding your plan. Come experience the conversation of an integrated team in action.

  • You will learn the basics of wealth building including specific strategies to increase your monthly income from your skills, your business and your lazy assets.