Beating the Odds
Beating the Odds

Beating the Odds

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What Does It Take To Be A Great Entrepreneur?

Many people wonder. Only a few find out. There are three main technical skills every entrepreneur must have. But - the most important personal trait of all is the quiet internal strength we all possess - the strength to come back and triumph - Beating the Odds.

To Be Very Successful...

Every Entrepreneur MUST Possess Three Main Technical Skills.

They are:

  • Management of Cash Flow
  • Management of Time
  • Management of People

Robert, Keith & Blair will share with you valuable tips and secrets they have gained about all three skills.

Tips like:

  • How to operate w/o money
  • How to raise capital
  • How to choose the right product
  • How to attract competent team members

What makes this set unique?

The three share what most people never talk about...

  • When the business fails what do you do?
  • How they turned failure into outrageous success!